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Get Commercial and Industrial Windows, Doors and Hardware Products in North Bay

Whether you’re looking to install the perfect entryway or require specialty hardware for a new development project — Bay Glass & Contracting can offer you what you need. Our customers include contractors, developers, property managers, architects and others working on commercial and industrial properties. We can provide premium-quality windows, doors and hardware products that’ll be secure and durable. At Bay Glass & Contracting, we are aware of the fact that different clients have different needs. That’s why we carry a wide range of products to meet your specific requirements. Our team will help you choose the best-fit products for your project and take care of all your needs. We offer our services to businesses, contractors and architects in North Bay and the surrounding area.

Our Specialization

While we can help you with a wide range of products, we are best known for the following:

Commercial windows and doors

We offer commercial-grade windows and doors that will last you for a long time. Our large stock of doors, windows and frames can be installed easily and quickly in your property or project. We are experienced in the field and will guide you to choose the products best suited for your needs. Our services are available for commercial and industrial clients in North Bay.

Commercial steel doors and frames

Steel doors and frames are increasingly popular for commercial and industrial properties. They offer durability, security and are ideal for tough use. Our steel doors and frames are built with superior quality and ensure security against break-ins. They are ideal for high-traffic use and can withstand the Canadian weather.

Automated accessible doors

At Bay Glass & Contracting, we strive to make workplaces, libraries, educational institutes, and other public spaces more accessible. We supply automated accessible doors that will open at the push of a button or simply slide open. Our team can provide you with doors that are easy to operate so that your clients and customers do not face any difficulty accessing your property.

Emergency Call-out Service Available!

Maintenance emergencies can be stressful. We offer emergency call-out services around North Bay.

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