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Get Commercial and Industrial Windows, Doors and Hardware Products in North Bay

Our Specialization

While we can help you with a wide range of products, we are best known for the following:


Glass Products & More

If you’re looking for glass suppliers in North Bay, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide variety of products in stock for all your needs. These include:

​Aluminum and frameless storefronts


Sealed units

Curtain wall glazing

Colored and safety glass

Plexiglass and Lexan

Full range of glass in stock

Doors and Accessories

Our doors and frames are durable, offering you security against break-ins and quality that’ll brave the Canadian weather. We are also a certified STANLEY Access Technologies dealer. Our range of doors and accessories includes:

Full line of rated and non-rated hollow metal and frames

Full line of rated and non-rated wooden doors and frames

Full line of aluminum doors and frames

Frameless glass doors

Full range of grill doors and counter shutters

Automatic swing and sliding doors

Automatic handicap door operators

Black Smart Lock With Keypad Door Knob.H03_edited.png

Hardware and Other Products

We work closely with you and provide high-quality products to offer customer satisfaction. Our range of hardware and other products includes:

Commercial and industrial hardware

Aluminum cladding, roll forming and finishing

Aluminum extrusions, angles, tubes and channels

Specialty hardware

Keyless entry systems

Panic bars, closers, etc.

Chalkboards, tack boards, whiteboards

Why Choose Us?

Our customers include contractors, developers, property managers, architects and others working on commercial and industrial properties. We can provide premium-quality windows, doors and hardware products that’ll be secure and durable. At Bay Glass & Contracting Inc, we are aware of the fact that different clients have different needs. That’s why we carry a wide range of products to meet your specific requirements. Our team will help you choose the best-fit products for your project and take care of all your needs. We offer our services to businesses, contractors and architects in North Bay and the surrounding area.

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Got an Emergency? Call Us!

Got an emergency door or window replacement requirement in North Bay? Call Bay Glass & Contracting Inc.. We understand that an emergency can arise at any time. So when your windows or doors get damaged due to vandals or break-ins, we are always here to fix them. Let us assist you in your difficult times with our emergency call-out services.

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